SQL Operators

   An operator is reserved word that manipulates individual data items and returns a result. The data items are called operands or arguments.

  Operators are represented by special characters.For example, the Addition operator is represented by plus (+) and subtraction operator represented by minus (-) etc. There are two general classes of operators:

1. Unary operators.

      The Unary operators operate on a single operand.

Operator                  Meaning
+ (Positive)              Numeric value is positive.
– (Negative)             Numeric value is negative.
~ (Bitwise NOT)       Returns the ones complement of the number.

2.binary operators.

     The binary operators operate on two operands.

Oracle Lite SQL also supports set operators.

  Set operators combine sets of rows returned by queries, instead of individual data items. All set operators have equal precedence.


Types of operators.

1. Arithmetic Operators
2. logical Operators
3. Relational Operators

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