Questions and Answers

1. What is database ?

   A database is a platform where we can store the data for the future reference. Database is a collection of interrelated data, i.e. database always stores data along with it’s relationships. In general, a database consists of one or more tables. Each table is identified by a name and contain rows  and columns containing Data.

2. What is DBMS ?

   DBMS stands for Database Management System. It is collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. A database management system should provide systematic methods of Creating the Database, Updating the Database, Storing in the Database and Retrieving of data from Database.

3. Features of DBMS ?

  • Enable end user and application programers to share the data.
  • Enable data shared among multiple applications.
  • Contorlling data access.
  • Enforce data integrity.
  • Manage concurrency control.
  • Restoring the data in system failure.

4.  What is Database Model ?

   Database model determines the logical structure of a database and fundamentally determines in which manner data can be stored, organized, and manipulated. The most popular databases model is Relational database model.

5. What are the different database models ?

  • Flat file database model
  • Hierarchical database model
  • Network database model
  • Relational database model
  • Object – Relational data model

6. What is the purpose of database model ?

  • Communicate 
  • Describe
  • Investigate
  • Analyze
  • Catagories

7. What is RDBMS ?

   RDBMS stands for Relational Database MAnagement System. RDBMS is the basis of for SQL, and for all modern database systems.

8. When Database Management System was introduced ?

   First time introduced during 1960’s. Relational Model first defined by E.F codd (IBM) in 1970.

9. Whta is table ?

   A Table is collection of related data entries and it consists of columns and rows. Table is the most and simplest form of data storage in a relational database.

10. What is field ?

   A field is coulmn in a table that is designed to maintain specific information about every record in the table.

11. What is record ?

    A record, also called a row of data is each individual entry that exists in a table.

12. What is column ?

   A column is vertical entity in a table that contains all information associated with a specific field in a table.

13. How to communicate with RDBMS ?

   The Structured Query Language is used to communicate with RDBMS.

14. What is NULL value ?

   A null value in a table is value in a field that appears to be blank, which means a filed with a null value is a filed with no value.