AzureRM File Storage Cmdlets

Get-AzureStorageFile : Lists directories and files for a path.
Get-AzureStorageFileContent : Downloads the contents of a file.
Get-AzureStorageFileCopyState : Gets the state of a copy operation.

New-AzureStorageContext : Creates an Azure Storage context.
New-AzureStorageDirectory : Creates a directory.
New-AzureStorageFileSASToken : Generates a shared access signature token for a Storage file.

Remove-AzureStorageDirectory : Deletes a directory.
Remove-AzureStorageFile : Deletes a file.
Set-AzureStorageFileContent : Uploads the contents of a file.

Get-AzureStorageShare : Gets a list of file shares.
New-AzureStorageShare : Creates a file share.
Remove-AzureStorageShare : Deletes a file share.

Start-AzureStorageFileCopy : Starts to copy a source file.
Stop-AzureStorageFileCopy : Stops a copy operation to the specified destination file.

Get-AzureStorageShareStoredAccessPolicy : Gets stored access policies for a Storage share.

New-AzureStorageShareSASToken : Generate Shared Access Signature token for Azure Storage share.
New-AzureStorageShareStoredAccessPolicy : Creates a stored access policy on a Storage share.

Remove-AzureStorageShareStoredAccessPolicy : Removes a stored access policy from a Storage share.

Set-AzureStorageShareQuota :Sets the storage capacity for a share.
Set-AzureStorageShareStoredAccessPolicy : Updates a stored access policy on a Storage share.