Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell is an extension of the Windows PowerShell platform. Azure PowerShell provides cmdlets to developers and administrators to create, test, deploy and manage Azure cloud platform services.

You can use it in your browser with Azure Cloud Shell or you install it on your local machine.

Install Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell works with PowerShell 5.x on Windows 7 or higher, and PowerShell 6.x on any platform.

To check your PowerShell version, run the command


To install Azure PowerShell run the following command in PowerShell (Run as Administrator).

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber

You can also install for the current user by adding the -Scope argument.

Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Scope CurrentUser

Sign in

To start working with Azure PowerShell, sign in with your Azure credentials.


Update Azure PowerShell module

You can update your Azure PowerShell installation by running Update-Module.

Update-Module -Name Az

To check which versions of Azure PowerShell you currently have installed, run the following command

Get-InstalledModule -Name Az -ListAvailable | select Name,Version