RedHat Installation

Step 1: Boot Computer Using Red Hat 6 Installation CD/DVD and Select Install or upgrade existing system options.

Step 2: Select Language.

Step 3: Select keyboard type.

Step 4: Choose skip media test, click ok if you want to check media.

Step 5: Select storage device.

Step 6: Type computer name or hostname.

Step 7: Select time zone location.

Step 8: Enter password for root user.

Step 9: Select type of installation and review partitioning layout carefully also may choose Encrypt system.

Step 10: Review partitioning layout, modify if needed. I have chosen default setup with Ext4 and LVM.

Step 11: Creating partition and formatting filesystems.

Step 12: Configuring boot loader options, also can give boot loader password for security reason.

Step 13: Select applications to install and select customize now.

Step 14: Customize package selections.

Step 15: Installation progress.

Step 16: Installation is completed successfully.

Step 17: Please reboot your computer and login with root credentials

Step 18: Login Screen.

Step 19: RedHat Desktop screen.