CentOS Installation

Step 1: Boot Computer Using CentOS Installation CD/DVD and Select Install or Upgrade existing system options.

Step 2: Choose skip media test as it may take long time to check media.

Step 3: Welcome Screen press Next.

Step 4: Select Language.

Step 5: Select keyboard layout.

Step 6: Select Basic Storage Device

Step 7: Type Hostname to the server and click on Configure Network button if you want to configure network while installation.

Step 8: Click Wired tab and click on Add button.

Step 9: Select Connect Automatically, go to ipv4 settings tab and select Method and select Manual in drop down. Click on Add tab to fill address box with IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS Server.

Step 10: Select Time Zone.

Step 11: Give a root password.

Step 12: Select appropriate partitioning as per your requirement.

Step 13: Verify filesystem. Here, you can edit filesystem If you want.

Step 14: Disk Format Warning, click on Format.

Step 15: Select Write Changes to disk.

Step 16: Hard Drive is Formatting.

Step 17: Select the applications you want to install, you can choose Customize now and click Next.

Step 18: Select the applications you want to install and click Next.

Step 19: Installation started, this may take several minutes as per selection of packages.

Step 20: Installation completed, Please remove CD/DVD and reboot system.

Step 21: Welcome to CentOS 6 Login Screen.

Step 22: CentOS 6 Desktop Screen.