Oracle DB installation – Windows

You have to download Oracle Database server software from Oracle website as per your operating system. Here we have downloaded 11g R2 64bit version.

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows (x64) (1,213,501,989 bytes) (1,007,988,954 bytes)

After downloading the above two files, extract them in a single directory database and under that you will find the following sub-directories.


Step 1

Launch the Oracle Database Installer using the setup file. You can provide your email ID and check the checkbox as shown in the following screenshot. Click the Next button.


Step 2

Select the first option Create and Configure Database using the radio button and click the Next button to proceed.


Step 3

Select the Desktop Class option as we not not installing on server and click the Next button to proceed.


Step 4

Provide a location, where you will install the Oracle Server. Just modify the Oracle Base and the other locations will set automatically. You will also have to provide a password, this will be used by the system DBA. Once you provide the required information, click the Next button to proceed.


Step 5

Again, click the Next button to proceed.


Step 6

Click the Finish button to proceed. This will start the db server installation.


Step 7

This will take a few moments, until Oracle starts performing the required configuration.


Step 8
Here, Oracle installation will copy the required configuration files.


Once the database files are copied, you will see the below dialogue box. Click the OK button.


Once installation completed, you will see the below final window.


Now verify your installation. open command prompt, use the below command.

sqlplus “/ as sysdba”


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